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V Type Roller

Jiangsu Wuyun Transmission Machinery is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in belt conveyors. The V-shaped roller design we produce allows the roller to better contact the conveyor belt, providing more stable support and guidance. It is a good choice for advanced belt conveyor systems. In addition, we provide you with various models V-shaped rollers can be customized according to customer size requirements, with affordable prices and guaranteed quality.

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Product Description

V-type rollers originate from China's manufacturing base - Jiangsu Wuyun Transmission Machinery. We continue to develop and improve in the manufacturing of traditional machinery. We are more focused on the development of environmental protection and we use our creativity in the production of belt conveyors. Sufficient quantity and complete categories of production and inspection equipment provide guarantee for high-quality products. V-shaped rollers are mainly used to support empty section conveyor belts, and the distance between rollers is generally 3m. V-shaped rollers have the function of preventing deviation. Generally, one V-shaped roller is placed every other parallel rollers, and the groove angle is generally 10°. Different raw materials are selected for production according to different product functions to ensure that the products produced can display important functions and functions when used. We not only wholesale V-shaped rollers of various standard sizes, but also customize them according to customers' size requirements, with affordable prices and guaranteed quality.

The structure of the V-shaped roller adopts a fully sealed structure, and the bearing assembly adopts a high-precision bearing chamber and high-quality bearings dedicated to the roller. It has the advantages of exquisite structure, low noise, maintenance-free, long life (life span of more than 50,000 hours), and reliable performance. , is a good choice for advanced belt conveyor systems.

V-shaped roller product advantages

1. A roller with a V-shaped notch. This design allows the roller to better contact the conveyor belt and provide more stable support and guidance;

2. Increase the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt to prevent the material from sliding or shifting and maintain the stability of the system;

3. Flame retardant, antistatic and aging resistant;

4. Super mechanical strength, can withstand repeated impact and vibration;

5. Excellent sealing performance, low noise, small rotation resistance, smooth operation and long service life;

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