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Jiangsu Wuyun Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of transmission and conveying machinery for more than 20 years. Relying on the strong machinery manufacturing foundation of the Yangtze River Delta, it follows the path of independent innovation and research and development. Among its array of offerings, including Conveyor Idler Bracket, Conveyor Belt Cleaner, and Conveyor Idler, Jiangsu Wuyun's products find widespread applications in production facilities. The company has more than 30 technical R&D personnel, more than 200 sets of metal cutting, welding and inspection equipment, and has obtained 23 national patents. It also cooperates with undergraduate colleges and universities to carry out industry-university-research, in line with the characteristics of the times, and vigorously develops new energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing products. The products are widely used in production facilities.

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  • Belt conveyor exhibition hall
  • Belt conveyor discharge car

    Belt conveyor discharge car

    The belt conveyor discharge car belongs to a separate part of the belt conveyor, which is mainly used in the occasions where there are discharge requirements for the belt conveyor, and its role is the same as that of the discharge device, but it can achieve multi-point fabric and different point fab...

  • Delivery of belt conveyor parts

    Delivery of belt conveyor parts

    In October 2023, Pakistani customers saw our products at the exhibition, and were satisfied with our manufacturing process and product appearance. After the exhibition, came to our company to visit. Our technicians and customers explained the technical parameters, manufacturing process and inspectio...

  • Electric drum assembly

    Electric drum assembly

    Sweat cast quality, hard to pave success. In this busy production workshop, we interpret the perfect process with diligence and wisdom.

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