Quality department symposium


The quality department symposium will help us better understand the product quality problems, and jointly explore solutions to improve product quality and service level. Yesterday, the company's middle-level cadres discussed together to improve the product quality of electric rollers, belt conveyors and improve production capacity. In this symposium, we will focus on product quality control and production process optimization, and explore how to strengthen the construction of quality management system. It was stated at the meeting that: No matter how beautiful an enterprise's product advertising is, how gorgeous the packaging is, but if there is no quality, then the life of the enterprise will be short, because he does not use his quality and reputation to dedicate to the customer, then the customer will naturally give up him, the enterprise wants to survive and develop, first must win the quality of the product or work. With high quality products to establish a reputation in the customer, the old staff should know that our current production is several times the first half of last year, why we are now. The production will continue to increase, it is because our product quality has been recognized in the customer, so say, without quality we will lose the job bowl, without quality our company is difficult to survive!
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