Belt conveyor production, installation, commissioning


On November 20, 2023, our company received an invitation from a steel mill in Huaxi, Jiangsu, the richest village in China, to attend the meeting notice of the renovation project. The next day, our company's leaders and technical personnel arrived at the customer's place. It is understood that due to the environmental rectification notice put forward by the local government to the customer, a 3km slugged belt conveyor along the river needs to be transformed within one and a half months. Promote ecological development of the environment. We need to complete the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the belt conveyor within one month. Technical communication took place at the meeting. After the field investigation, repeated exercises, the determination of the position of the foundation, the size of the electric roller, the width of the belt conveyor, and the conveyor capacity per hour were discussed. After 1 day's discussion, the scheme was determined. After half and overtime production. The main parts are delivered to the site, installed, and made. It took us 1 month to complete the production and installation of the whole belt conveyor, and finally debugging and installation. It took 40 days to complete the task ahead of schedule.

Help clients complete the renovation requirements of the local government. Customers highly appreciate our Jiangsu Wuyun machinery!

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