Company daily learning production


With the roar of machinery, our production workshop is bustling. In this busy scene, we always maintain the love and pursuit of technology, with first-class technology and rigorous attitude, to create satisfactory products for you. To better meet the needs of foreign customers. This week, our company invited a professional foreign trade tutor to conduct a professional training on our foreign trade business. The workshop is also in orderly production. The guide chute of Sanming Steel Plant in Fujian Province, China has been partially completed. China Xugong Group's bend pulley completed a batch. China Qingshan Group's motorized pulleys is also in planned production. A batch of electric motorized pulleys from a customer in Luoyang, Henan Province, China, were also sent to the customer site by special car. Sweat cast quality, hard to pave success. In this busy production workshop, we interpret the perfect process with diligence and wisdom. Every part, every process, is our persistent pursuit of quality.  
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