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Grooved Aligning Bracket

​Jiangsu Wuyun Transmission Machinery is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in belt conveyors. Our groove-shaped self-aligning brackets have superior design, stable performance, strict material selection, and guaranteed quality. We can provide you with various types of groove-shaped self-aligning brackets.

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Product Description

Trough-type self-aligning brackets originate from China's manufacturing base. We continue to develop and improve in the manufacturing of traditional machinery. We are more focused on the development of environmental protection and we use our creativity in the production of belt conveyors. Sufficient quantity and complete categories of production and inspection equipment provide guarantee for high-quality products. The groove-shaped aligning bracket is one of the indispensable components in the belt drive system and has a great impact on logistics efficiency and product quality. Correct selection and maintenance of groove-shaped aligning brackets can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality. During use, you need to pay attention to the installation, material selection, use conditions and maintenance of the self-aligning roller to make it play its maximum role. We can also customize according to customers' size requirements, with affordable prices and guaranteed quality.

Trough-shaped aligning brackets are generally used in situations where the conveying distance is long and the belt tension is high. It can gradually transition the flat belt from a parallel state to a trough shape (or make the trough shape smoothly transition to parallel), and can effectively reduce the belt edge. Tension, and can prevent the conveyed materials from being spread due to the sudden flattening of the belt. The structure of the trough-type self-aligning bracket is generally made of high-quality steel, which has the advantages of exquisite structure, low noise, maintenance-free, long life, and reliable performance. , is a good choice for advanced belt conveyor systems.

Advantages of slotted aligning brackets:

1. The self-aligning roller bracket has very high flexibility, relatively small friction coefficient and very strong support ability, which can increase the radial runout of the bracket, the lateral movement, etc.;

2. The self-aligning roller bracket also has the characteristics of very strong waterproof ability, impact resistance and long working life. It can also prevent the conveyor belt from deviating during work, allowing the machine to run more smoothly;

3. The self-aligning roller bracket has a very strong self-aligning ability and its structure is very simple, which is more suitable for the use and development of conveyors at this stage; at the same time, the self-aligning roller bracket can also reduce the friction damage of the machine and extend the service life of the machine. life.

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