Bearing Idler
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Bearing Idler

Idlers are to conveyors as foundations are to buildings: constant, reliable support.  our idler choosing quality metals and well-known brands bearings, interference fit between the shaft and the bearing for improved sealing, better stability and longer life. Conveyor Idler parts used Fully sealed structure, Bearings assembly adopts high precision bearing chamber and high-quality bearings for idlers. With beautiful structure, low noise, long life (more than 20,000 hours of service life) etc.

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Product Description

Advantage of Bearing Roller:

No.1. High precision and high frequency welded pipe is adopted for roller cover, with small radial runout and good balance.

No.2 Our idler frames are manufactured from precision punched components. CNC machining and positioning surface.

NO.3 Bearings using well-known brands series roller special bearings.

NO.4 idler choosing quality metals, CNC turning and grinding are adopted to ensure accuracy.

NO.5 The conveyor idler seal is specially designed with low resistance contact seal with automatic compensation, dustproof and waterproof, to ensure the long-term good lubrication of bearings.

Belt width
L L1 L2 D d b Bearing type
500 190 200 220 Φ89 Φ20 14 4G204
600 610 640
650 240 250 270
750 760 790
800 305 315 335
950 960 990
1000 375 385 408 Φ108 Φ25 18 4G305
1150 1160 1200
1200 455 465 488
1400 1410 1450
1400 525 535 558
1600 1610 1650

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