Belt conveyor discharge car


The belt conveyor discharge car belongs to a separate part of the belt conveyor, which is mainly used in the occasions where there are discharge requirements for the belt conveyor, and its role is the same as that of the discharge device, but it can achieve multi-point fabric and different point fabric. The unloading trolley is used to unload the materials transported by DTII and TD75 series belt conveyor to any point in the middle of the conveyor, which can make use of the site to accumulate materials or distribute materials in a wide range. At the same time, the discharging trolley has the characteristics of compact and reasonable structure, reliable use, long life, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. The unloading truck can move back and forth on the guide rail of the conveyor frame through the motor of the car driven by the reducer and chain. After the material transported by the conveyor reaches the location of the car, it falls into the unloading funnel of the car, so as to achieve the purpose of unloading at any point in the middle of the conveyor.
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