Belt conveyor technology exchange


On January 16, 2024, I was invited by Suzhou Jinchi Building Materials Co., LTD., Jiangsu Province, China to survey a set of belt conveyor transformation project. In order to meet the use of the site conditions, Suzhou Jinchi Building Materials Co., LTD., the original belt conveyor production commission, improve the belt conveyor capacity, so invited our company's technicians to the site for technical communication and field communication mapping. The site communicated the length of the conveyor, the height of the conveyor. Transportation of goods. The layout of the roller, our company technicians with professional knowledge to help customers on the basis of the selection, the height of the conveyor, the length of the corresponding technical solutions. Later, it will be more accurately presented to customers in the form of drawings. Suzhou Jinchi Building Materials Co., Ltd. highly recognized our on-site guidance.
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