Idler frame for conveyor


A high-quality roller bracket mechanism not only simplifies roller replacement but also incorporates a flexible design featuring a deflectable roller bracket, standoffs, pins, body, rollers, limit blocks, and fasteners. The lower section of the support is affixed to the upper part of the body using fasteners, while the support connects to the deflectable roller support through pins. Rollers are strategically positioned on the deflectable roller support, which is equipped with a rotational slot around the pin.

Crucially, the deflectable roller support includes a limiting block to govern the deflection angle, and a pin in either the support or body enables the deflectable roller support to rotate. By removing the fasteners, the deflectable roller support can pivot around the horizontally fixed pin, guided by the limit block. This innovative slotted bracket falls within the category of roller brackets, benefitting from advanced production processes that guarantee product excellence.

The slotted rollers play a pivotal role in eliminating belt stains, offering optimal performance with high force and minimal resistance on inclined belts. Additionally, double-section rollers prove effective in alleviating pressure points on ceramic rollers beneath heavy loads. The hollow design of the rollers allows materials adhering to the belt to naturally fall off, preventing accumulation and enhancing the rollers' longevity. This design ensures that the rollers remain free of material buildup, extending their operational lifespan.

Conveyor Idler BracketConveyor Idler Bracket
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